Dishwasher Installations

Replacing your Dishwasher? Abcor Appliance Repairs offers competitive rates on dishwasher installs!

Our qualified appliance technicians can complete a standard dishwasher installation within 30 minutes to 1 hour at a standard flat rate fee of $129 plus GST.

We also offer a specialist installation service for Built-in dishwashers. Our standard flat rate fee does not apply to this service. Please call to arrange a quote.

When booking your dishwasher installation we require the following information:

  1. Are the existing fittings within 1m of the sink?
  2. Do you have hot or cold water connections?
  3. Do you have a power supply?
  4. Do you have modern or brass fittings?
  5. Will the new dishwasher fit into the existing opening?
  6. Is the appliance to be located on an upper level floor?


We ask that you have the area ready for our installation technicians. Please ensure you have emptied the content of your cupboards beneath the kitchen sink and that we have clear access to the pipe fittings.

Prices are based on two categories – Install only or deliver and install.
Install only – means we only install product already at the customer’s house.
Deliver and install – means we pick up the product and install at time of delivery.

Installation of dishwasher to existing water connection and waste and pressure test on water pressure
• Fitting water tap
• Modifying waste
• Pressure limiting valves
• Non-return valves
Free removal of the old appliances!